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Software Development Services for Business

Software Development Services for Business
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Software Development Services for Business

We will help you find perfect solutions for the challenges you face!

FULL STACK development services

Our Software Development Services (SDS) team can cover the entire solution lifecycle:

  • Business Analysis and Requirement Gathering
  • Software Development and QA
  • Deployment and Technical Support

We can start from scratch, use your existing codebase, or we can use our platform to quickly create tailored solutions that leverage the power of our technical and domain expertise.

Focus on what matters most
Continuous improvement
Affordable maintenance
With our solutions, you are able to focus on creating the best possible version of your business and stay one step ahead of your competitors.
Reliable and scalable enterprise software enables you to improve your business practice and processes continually.
Reduced software maintenance running costs and low software development costs bring you substantial savings.

Our Expert Team

  1. Through dedicated teamwork, our experienced Engineers, Business Analysts, QA Experts, and Consultants create top-notch solutions to match your needs.
  2. Our certified Project Managers / Agile Experts (PMP, Prince2, Prince2 Agile, Scrum Master) lead dedicated team members on your projects. We invest in our team members so you can Developer Man staff proficient in project management methodologies. That way we are ensuring the continuity of the workflow, ability to meet set deadlines while having you closely involved in project operations.
  3. Our extensive domain expertise in automotive, finance, banking, and logistics significantly speeds up the implementation and brings added value to your projects. 

Highest Security Standards

Developer Man security standards are thoroughly defined within Developer Man Security Documentation, examined in a scrutinizing manner by internal and external audits and continually improved by Developer Man Security Team following TISAX and ISO 27001:2013 standard requirements.

Project Management

  1. Classic (fixed-scope) or Agile (Scrum) project approach led by our certified Project Management and Agile professionals (PMP, Prince2, Prince 2 Agile, ScrumMaster), depending on your needs and preferences.
  2. Transparent and regular reporting on the project status (weekly review reports, burndown charts, meeting minutes reports, open points lists, daily summary test reports).
  3. Detailed documentation delivered with our solutions (functional specification, technical specification including product architecture documentation, software product administration, and configuration guide, User Acceptance Test (UAT) plan with test catalogs, Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Notes :
    • The provided price is our minimum price
    • The amount paid will be credited as part of payments. Or the amount will be refunded if you reject the quotation.