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Consultative Sales Skills Online Training Course

Consultative Sales Skills Online Training Course
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Consultative Sales Skills Online Training Course
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A consultative approach can help your sales group better align your products and services with your buyer’s needs while forming successful relationships with this client base. This course will teach participants the tools and techniques needed to adopt this sales strategy and to help them become an invaluable resource for their customers. 

The skills learned in this highly interactive course will enable participants to understand what the customer does—and does not—want to buy, so that a proposal can be structured that will give the customer what they want, rather than trying to sell them what the salesperson wants.

Course Snapshot

Course length: 60 minutes , Online

Audience: Employees

Language : Arabic

Key Concepts

The value and importance of building a successful customer relationship.

Methods to identify different buyer types and behaviors that will inform the sales process.

Skills and approaches to better identify the client’s needs.

Strategies to differentiate the value of your product or service from that of your competitors.

Ways to position your sales team as a unique source of information that cannot be found elsewhere.

Contingency planning approaches in the event the client perceives a service failure.

Course Features

Tailored to include your branding and policy

This course is available as a group session or can be offered as a one-on-one training event. Curriculum and course content can be customized to reflect your organization’s unique workplace challenges.