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Job and Hiring Restrictions Online Training Course

Job and Hiring Restrictions Online Training Course
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Job and Hiring Restrictions Online Training Course
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Violations of antitrust and competition laws can lead to costly investigations, lawsuits, enforcement actions and–ultimately–expensive penalties and even prison for the individual and business leaders involved.But while the risks are clear, the laws are broad and encompass areas and conduct that they rarely intuitively understand. Sometimes even the appearance of anti-competitive conduct can lead to investigations, lawsuits, and distractions.

Course Description

This course covers the best practices for competition law and provides examples of the most common antitrust mistakes. Employees will dive into topics such as price fixing, reseller agreements, and trade associations. The online training also covers the consequences for violating the major antitrust laws. Interactive polling questions in the course give employers real insight into how employees feel about the concepts and culture skills presented. Learners can anonymously ask questions via our innovative Expert Q&A feature

Course Snapshot

Course length: 60 minutes , Online

Audience: Managers

Language : Arabic

Key Concepts

Provides learners with an overview of competition law principles and explains common mistakes.

Uses live-action video scenarios, engaging animations and interactions, and straightforward language to translate antitrust principles for today’s worker.

Gives learners the kind of useful guidance and instruction that they can absorb and apply in their day to day work and interactions with competitors.

Provides employees the guidance on and access to your competition rules and your policies.

Course Features

Tailored to include your branding and policy