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Litigation Communications in Crisis

Litigation Communications in Crisis
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Litigation Communications in Crisis
Communications That Support Your Legal Team

As corporate attorneys know well, controversial lawsuits today are often tried in the “Court of Public Opinion” long before they ever make their way to the "Court of Law." Yet, when a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff’s attorney provides the complaint to the media and every claim is reported as though it is fact. Meanwhile, the defendant says, “No comment,” or perhaps, “We do not comment on pending litigation.” The one-sided story reported by the media can cause significant damage to the organization’s reputation. And since so many lawsuits are settled outside of court, you may never have an opportunity to publicly defend against the claims.

What should you do instead if you’re the target of a lawsuit? You need a specialist in litigation communications to help you tell your side of the story in the "court of public opinion." Virtually every day of the week, we work closely with attorneys to develop communications that actually enhance their legal cases. Without a communications strategy, clients risk losing business before the case even makes its way to the “Court of Law.” That’s why litigation communications should be an integral part of legal strategy.

Developer Man has helped non-profits, schools, small and large businesses and government agencies communicate their way through legal challenges ranging from criminal charges to claims of medical malpractice, from personal injury lawsuits and product liability to ownership and intellectual property disputes that threatened the very existence of small businesses. We are practiced in the art of working with attorneys and, in fact, are frequently brought in by attorneys who recognize the value we bring to the table.


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