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Facebook Advertising Marketing Management Services - Advance

Facebook Advertising Marketing Management Services - Advance
Facebook Advertising Marketing Management Services - Advance
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Setting up a Facebook page to represent your brand is a cakewalk, but keeping it an active brand page is a real daunting challenge. Many have tried in vain and have closed their empty static Facebook pages and all who failed have something in common – they don’t have TIME and UNDERSTANDING on building a formidable Facebook presence.

Developer Man will address your Facebook campaign problems through our adept professional Facebook Management Services that will allow you to secure an active, engaged, and strong Facebook presence.

What’s in it for you ?
  1. Professional Social Media Consulting
  2. Developer Man has a great team of Social Media Professionals that will tailor fit every necessary element needed for initiating Facebook Management. We help you secure an active Facebook page that has a high level of engagement and consistent promotion through content. The service is inclusive of : 
  • Daily Facebook Updates: up to 5 post per day, 3 professional design
  • 24/7 community engagement (answering comments, questions, etc.)
  • 24/7 Content Moderation (removing offensive posts and inappropriate content)
  • Weekly Events and Activities ( 2 event per month )
  • Measuring Your Facebook Influence ( weekly report )

Developer Man will measure and report your influence on Facebook with insights. Analyzing important statistical data like total reach, fan posts, likes, fan gain, and loss, etc., it will give brands an idea of how they are doing and how they can improve their brand presence on Facebook.

These Services provide for an Arabic audience, so your Facebook page must focus on Arabic fans, customers, or clients

  • Notes :
    • The provided price is fixed price
    • Execution period: start within 1 - 5 working day
    • No refunds or exchanges

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For more information please contact us by: info@developer-man.com