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Event Management Services

Planning and executing exceptional events isn’t easy. In fact,  event planning as one of the top five most stressful jobs. Given your competing goals, tight deadlines and constant demands, this isn’t exactly surprising.

Negotiating contracts can be a daunting component of conference planning. MeetGreen advocates to ensure your best interests are represented in the event’s contracts. We understand the prevalent industry issues and counsel you, not as legal advisers, but as your expert champion.Vendors include: general services contractors, decorators, caterers, convention centers, hotels, transportation companies, and event technology companies.Create and send out Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to potential vendo..
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Based on your organization’s needs, Developer Man provides significant resources to locate meeting and housing sites worldwide. In our selection process, we are always looking to improve your bottom line and limit liability.Research viable conference sites and send out Request for Proposals.Recommend the best fit for your event.Coordinate and manage on-site inspections.Negotiate the best hotel rates possible.Advocate for contracts and environmentally responsible practice clauses.Monitor and addr..
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