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Crisis Management Services

As crises become more frequent, organizations need a solid crisis management plan to protect their brand, assets, and finances. Our dedicated professionals and proven crisis management services help you anticipate, react to, and avoid potential crises. The result? An organization that’s stronger and safer — no matter what comes your way.

Communications That Support Your Legal TeamAs corporate attorneys know well, controversial lawsuits today are often tried in the “Court of Public Opinion” long before they ever make their way to the "Court of Law." Yet, when a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff’s attorney provides the complaint to the media and every claim is reported as though it is fact. Meanwhile, the defendant says, “No comment,” or perhaps, “We do not comment on pending litigation.” The one-sided story reported by the media ca..
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Develop The Crisis Strategy
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Your firm or agency is in trouble… your CFO has been arrested… hackers compromise confidential data… your product is recalled… a tank of toxic chemicals leaked and the plume is spreading… the pressure is on… the camera crew is at the door….When it happens to you, your business or your agency, how will you tell your employees? Your customers and vendors? What will you say to your neighbors and local elected officials?Developer Man has handled crisis communications for organizations of all types, ..
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Creating Plans for Crisis
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Crises are very stressful. They can be emotional, sometimes devastating events. And they can happen at any time with little, if any, notice.In these days of instant news, “citizen” journalists, digital cameras, and smartphones capable of instantly posting high-definition videos on the Internet, every minute counts. Yet, unless you’re an expert in crisis communications, you will likely find it difficult to think strategically when your heart is racing and the TV camera is focused on your face. It..
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Very few individuals are naturally gifted when it comes to appearing on-camera or speaking before groups. And when those situations are part of a crisis event, the stakes to perform well are even higher.Do you know how to handle a high-pressure TV interview? Do you know where to look? What to wear? Where to put your hands? Does your staff know what to do if a reporter calls? What if a camera crew shows up unannounced in your lobby – or ambushes you in the parking lot?More important – will you ha..
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