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We are a talented team of professionals with complementary skill sets. In our team, you can find data architects, data scientists, business analysts, developers, system administrators, and admin staff. 

The experience of the members of our team in both technical and business consulting engagements creates a unique combination of qualifications that is capable to bridge technical knowledge with business needs and vice versa. Due to the strong technical background which is at the heart of our team,  Developer Man can practically take over and deliver any technical challenge, ranging from the development of simple web applications to highly demanding data mining and data analysis software tools, while the team members have the knowledge and business thinking to identify and utilize the value that is generated through the technical capabilities that are provided by existing or newly developed software.


Before your first working day, the People Partner is assigned to you in order to guide you through adaptation and make it effective and meaningful.

At this stage, you and the company set up expectations for each other. Job Responsibilities and Job Codexes will help you understand what is your role in the company’s success and how can you realize your potential.

At the end of the adaptation period, we make a retrospective, gather feedback from your colleagues, analyze your feedback, plan the goals, and match them with expectations for the next period.


DEVELOPERMAN follows a flexible and personalized approach to professional development. We provide the possibility to have a Mentor to guide you through your career because there are multiple ways of self-realization.

Performance evaluation and assessments will help you understand what are your strengths and limitations on the way of accomplishing your business and self-development goals.

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