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Annual Support for Your Online Store

Annual Support for Your Online Store
Annual Support for Your Online Store
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Looking for DMS or Opencart support? We are happy to help you with all your Opencart questions, extensions and adjustments.

Our team of Opencart specialists is ready for you, even when your Opencart online store is built elsewhere.

DMS or Opencart support based on a subscription?

Guaranteed number of hours per month which is spent on your Opencart online store. For support, updates, adjustments and extensions.

Service Details :

  • 10 hours of support per month
  • Can also be used for adjustments, updates and extensions
  • Quick support in case of emergencies
  • Guaranteed number of hours per month

  • Notes :
    • The provided price is fixed price
    • Execution period: 1 - 24 problem issue happen
    • No refunds or exchanges
    • Priority for our DMS valid customers

How to buy a product/service (step by step) :

  1. Click on the ( Add to cart ) button or ( Cart ) symbol from the bottom of or the product page. A message will appair for continued shipping or checkout.
  2. You can click on (buy now) to redirect to checkout direct after adding a product to the cart.
  3. You can show the product in your cart from the top menu.
  4. You can complete your order from the same link by checkout page.

How to checkout :

  1. After adding a product to your cart and redirect to the checkout page.
  2. You can "login to your account" when your a client, "Register" a new client account, or checkout as "Guest".
  3. You must fill the fields with clear and real data. 
  4. Then please select the favorite "payment method".
  5. All of our product has free shipping worldwide method with standard post mail.
  6. You can modify your cart contain by increase/decrease/delete the product for the last chance.
  7. You can take a note of your order like more information about the process or your order.
  8. After that, you can click on confirm the order.
  9. Like your choose payment method, you must send money.

Track your order

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on "my order".
  3. Click on the "eye" button behind the order want to track.

Return a product

  1. First, please read "return policy".
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Click on "my order".
  4. Click on the "eye" button behind the order want to return a product/s.
  5. Click on "return" behind the product name.
  6. Some of the products can't return.

For more information please contact us by: info@developer-man.com