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Administration Office Management Professional Course

How do you become a very effective and successful Office administrator? Office administrative responsibilities deal with overseeing the daily functions of various inter-disciplinary departments to have operations flow smoothly and reduce the workload from higher-level managers.

Management Training for the New Manager or Supervisor Online Training Course
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New managers are often promoted into their role without any true direction on how to lead their new teams. This comprehensive and fast-paced course provides participants with answers to questions new managers often have at the start of their managerial career, including how to:Build a successful team.Prioritize new management responsibilities.Effectively communicate with new staff.Course SnapshotCourse length: 60 minutes , OnlineAudience: ManagersLanguage : ArabicKey ConceptsDifferentiate betwee..
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Job and Hiring Restrictions Online Training Course
Violations of antitrust and competition laws can lead to costly investigations, lawsuits, enforcement actions and–ultimately–expensive penalties and even prison for the individual and business leaders involved.But while the risks are clear, the laws are broad and encompass areas and conduct that they rarely intuitively understand. Sometimes even the appearance of anti-competitive conduct can lead to investigations, lawsuits, and distractions.Course DescriptionThis course covers the best practice..
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Motivation is the secret ingredient that energizes, maintains, and enhances workplace performance. Strategically, a motivated workforce is more likely to innovate, achieve goals, deliver quality work, and work more productively. Practically, a motivated workforce is less likely to have conflict, absenteeism, and turnover. That makes learning how to motivate your workforce more important than ever in today’s competitive and demanding business environment.Course DescriptionManagers will learn how ..
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